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We advocate for unhoused residents, to have a seat at the table and a voice in the conversation on homelessness.

Monthly Simi Valley Outreach

On January 10th, 2024, with Eagle Vision Outreach, we conducted our monthly distribution in Simi Valley. As an unusual addition, we provided candy treats to distribute.

The camps in Simi Valley are located in remote areas, requiring us to transport our supplies beyond the reach of our vehicles.

We are immensely appreciative of the support we have received for those experiencing homelessness.

Our Fellow Hope Dealers

Ken Craft,

Founder & CEO 

Hope of the Valley Rescue Mission

"I have had the privilege of knowing and working with Kathy Huck for the better part of 20 years. Kathy has an amazing heart of compassion, an unstoppable work ethic and a "can-do" attitude that stops at nothing when it comes to caring for marginalized people. It is an honor to call Kathy a friend and colleague. "

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