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What's Happening at AMFB


The best way to clear your mind of troubles during times of unrest and outrage is OUTREACH. We go out to serve and love your fellowman. Laine Caspi is a West Valley resident and active outreach worker. On 31 May 2020 she contacted Council member John Lee to get help distributing 250 meals donated by the Hollywood Food Coalition. He contacted me to help get these beautiful meals to the unhoused residents in the West Valley. Carla Orendorff excitedly volunteered to help distribute and along the way we ran into to Brooke Carrillo who jumped in the car to assist with outreach and together we distributed 250 meals.

Thank you for blessing us and our unhoused neighbors Laine! You're #HopeDealing everyday.

Invisible People Mark Horvath Interviews veteran.

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