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What's Happening at AMFB


Count us in! "It’s time to accept L.A. County’s homelessness crisis for what it is: a housing crisis. After decades of bad policies and underinvestment, we finally have the funding and momentum to end homelessness.

We know what we need to do.

Everyone In is a community movement to end our homelessness and housing crisis by building public and political will to create solutions we know work: affordable and supportive housing in every part of L.A. County.

Our mission is to keep L.A. on track by celebrating progress where we see it, putting pressure on government at every level to do more, and organizing our neighbors to speak up for change. The vast majority of people out there are waiting to get organized.

Homelessness is everyone’s problem. Each of us has a right to safety, stability and housing, and each of us has a responsibility to speak up for human dignity. Every city, neighborhood, and neighbor must do their part to ensure that all who want can come in from the streets.

When you show up, we win. Join the fight today." ~Everyone in L.A.

When someone experiencing homelessness gets shelter from the Streets we consider it a BIG WIN and we celebrate! This is Evangeline. After contacting Kris Freed at L.A. Family housing we were given the information to assist Evangeline to get her placed for housing. Working with our partners and friends at other organizations we are able to benefit from the resources that they offer to our neighbors. Thank you Kris and LAFH.

Updated: May 12, 2020

This documentary on the Homelessness Crisis in Los Angeles was filmed by CSUN Professor David Blumenkrantz; illustrating his firm belief that we are all culpable. We wholeheartedly agree.

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