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What's Happening at AMFB


Another successful community Gourmet Community Popup event in Chatsworth. We've changed our name to West Valley Stronger Together Community Bloc Party , because we've gained such strong community partnerships. It's no longer AMFB alone! Good food, fun and friends!!! We estimate that yesterday our partners at 986 Pharmacy vaccinated approximately 100 residents, including booster shots! Thank you Bonnie Hollywood Food Coalition for hooking us up with #HashtagLunchbag HashtagLunchbag they sent 150 lunches and bottles of water for guest to have to go!!!

By Zarina Khairzada San Fernando Valley PUBLISHED 10:07 AM PT Sep. 27, 2021 Homeless outreach workers find growing, changing encampments during the pandemic. Click photo for more.

The Hope Dealers joined Councilmember Bob Blumenfield for early morning outreach to help facilitate assisting unhoused residents with relocating from the freeway underpass. Many were receptive as the councilmember spoke to each encampment resident about the housing and shelter programs being offered in District 3, as well as recovery options. We distributed garbage bags, PPE, water and sustenance supplies.

Later in the afternoon the Hope Dealers took to the streets again to serve the remainder of the encampments in the West Valley CD3. It was a full day and we are grateful for our volunteers.

If you'd like to volunteer for our outreach team please send us a message:


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