We Love Our Fur-Babies!


We have seen many of our unhoused neighbors accompanied by their pet companions and thanks to partners and donors such as Operation Blankets of Love, we are able to assist them in keeping these fur babies healthy, fed and warm.

For many in the growing houseless population, their pets are their closest friends, they are non judgemental, loyal, provide them security and deep comfort while living in harsh conditions.

Those of us who do outreach to the Unhoused have seen how they could go days without eating but will always make sure to provide food to their pet companions.

We understand the deep bond there is between the Unhoused and their fury companions and we want to make sure they have the care they need.
We are happy that everyone on our outreach team is an animal lover and we ALL have fur-babies.


Please consider donating to help us to continue bringing the best to the pets of the unhoused residents of the West San Fernando Valley.