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From Skid Row to The West Valley for the Glory of God!

When AMFB found our outreach team dwindling due to COVID-19 and other obstacles, we had no way of knowing that Steve Schmitt was looking at very the same issues on Skid Row. God led his team to the West Valley. As he was praying for a way to minister outreach in the West San Fernando Valley, I was actually praying and asking God to build our team in a way that pleases and honors Him. Not an hour after I rose from my knees, Ken Craft, Founder and CEO of Hope of the Valley contacted me and said, "Call Steve Schmitt...". Now here we are working together in the West San Fernando Valley... #HopeDealing! They are an ANSWERED PRAYER and it is our hope to be the same for Steve Schmitt and company as God melds us into one team on one accord in His Spirit! #HopeDealers!!! ~ Pastor Kathy Huck

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