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Hot 121°F Hope Dealing 9-6-2020

The team braved the 120°F - 121°F heat in West San Fernando Valley and none of us melted. With our "Go Green Goodie Bags" in tow filled with food, hygiene, Bombas, PPE and LOTS OF WATER; the team went out to visit our family friends in the San fernando Valley of Los Angeles. We ran into another outreach team that we Vibe with yesterday. They surprised us with Popsicles. Its awesome when we work together for the cause supporting one another WITHOUT malice. We were blessed by some COOLIO #HopeDealers as we ALL worked amicably in 120°F heat.

9/6/2020 Outreach Team Members: Ashley Shanburn - Raymond Dodes - Jason Voland - Steve Schmitt - Pastor Kathy Huck