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The Mayor Crashed Our Zoom (We were stoked)

Yesterday, Jason Potell, Corinne Ho and Kathy Huck were invited to attend a House Garden Party in Sherman Oaks with the Mayor Eric Garcetti to Celebrate the minimum wage increase in Los Angeles.

We briefly walked out to the front of the house to log into the scheduled About My Father's Business Homeless Outreach Board of Director's Zoom Meeting, because Councilmember Nithya Raman was our board members' special guest. We really wanted to hear what she would say to our team. As we logged into our Zoom, Mayor Garcetti's car pulled into the driveway. He jumped out and immediately recognized Corinne and her daughter, greeting them with hugs. He asked us jokingly, "Are you guys my reception party?" We explained that we'd walked out of the party to attend our organization's board meeting. He grabs one of our phones and crashes the meeting... greeting our team members and thanking them for their challenging work in the West Valley. He then walked into the party to greet attendees to give an address regarding the minimum wage increase and the State of the City. We remained outside to attend the AMFB Board Zoom Meeting. We were alerted that the mayor was about to address the guest... so, we walked back into the party; Mayor Garcetti grabbed my phone to peep into our board meeting one last time... to say hello to Councilmember Raman. I've attached a photo of the mayor crashing our meeting. LOL

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